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2006 - Single Handle Heavy Duty Mechanical Control Head

The 2006 single handle control head is a rugged, solid mechanical control head meant for vessels where a more robust cable stroke is required. The 2006 provides a 4 inch (102mm) cable stroke, and the bronze and stainless steel construction provide durability and long lasting performance.

Part Numbers In This Series:

#   2006-HKN, 2006-HKNN, 2006-HKO, 2006-HKP, 2006-HKPP, 2006-HKR, 2006-HLN, 2006-HLNN, 2006-HLO, 2006-HLP, 2006-HLPP, 2006-HLR, 2006-HMN, 2006-HMNN, 2006-HMO, 2006-HMP, 2006-HMPP, 2006-HMR, 2006-KN, 2006-KN-SP, 2006-KNN, 2006-KO, 2006-KP, 2006-KPP,2006-KPPU, 2006-KR, 2006-LN, 2006-LNN, 2006-LO, 2006-LP, 2006-LPP, 2006-LR, 2006-MN, 2006-MNN, 2006-MO, 2006-MOV, 2006-MP, 2006-MPP, 2006-MR

Common Features & Options

  Multiple Handle Types
   Available in Variable Detent & Friction Settings

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