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7173-K / 7173-KAS: Electronic Steering Full Follow-Up Amplifier

The 7173-K Series amplifiers are designed to accept commands from electronic steering controls to coordinate the desired rudder position through feedback units. The 7173-K Series amplifiers can also activate solenoid valves to disperse fluid to a hydraulic steering system to maintain position. 

The 7173 is water tight, available in 12 or 24 VCD power configurations, and can control single or dual speed steering systems, 2 independent steering systems controlled by the same controller (Catamarans) or 2 independent hydraulic systems, such as steering and bucket control. 

The 7173 also comes in a transfer box configuration, to allow for relay signals between stations. 

Part Numbers In This Series:

#   7173-K, 7173-KAS, 7173-TX-SPEC, 7173-TX2, 7173-TX3, 7173-TX4

Common Features & Options

  Water Tight
  Bronze Construction
  Multiple Electronic Steering Configurations

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